Until Next Time


So friends, the time has come to pen my thoughts for the last time – for a little while at least. I sure do hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from your gal Grace along the way. What fun I’ve had spilling my secrets to you all – from favourite dishes, to secret cocktail concoctions and of […]

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Meet the Chef


I seem to have lost my manners. Our leading lady, Head Chef Allison Hartmire is yet to be officially introduced, how rude of me! Taking the reins of the kitchen, this is the lady you can thank for all of the deliciousness coming from the pass of late. Since becoming part of the State of […]

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Spring Clean Your Kitchen

blog houeswife

Spring has sprung Melbournians, time to put down those umbrellas and dust away the cobwebs! If you’re a homely gal like me, you too will agree that the good old spring clean is ever so satisfying. The sunshine we’ve all been waiting for is streaming through our windows and inspiring a bit of a change […]

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Let’s Talk About Jazz, Baby

2015.09.31 STATE OF GRACE   -8

Oh friends, just as you think it’s time for hibernation as the winter seemingly stretches, you must know I always have some fun in store! Hidden away in the cellar bar when the sun goes down, is when the mischief really begins. How I do love a swinging scene, so I’ve invited our friends from Make Believe Music Australia to […]

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What Fairy Tales Are Made Of

snow white cocktails

My dear friends, it’s been a while between chats. I’ve been a busy bee, running here, there and everywhere to bring you some shiny new things. Where shall I begin? Start from the beginning, a very good place to start. Enter a new leading lady, the wonderful Selena, taking charge of the ‘ol cellar bar who’s […]

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For The Love of Gnocchi


There is something about the pillowy softness of a great gnocchi, that is truly comforting. A favourite of mine as the weather gets cooler – glass of red in hand, and i’m a very happy girl. Chef tends to agree with me, so lucky for you lot, it’s one of the newest additions to the menu. […]

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